In early 2010 the idea of Cooltour was born. We wanted to create bridges going from the ones willing to volunteer to those in need of help. Costa Rica is a beautiful country and we are in love with it, that's why we want to share the Pura Vida experience with you. Cooltour. We chose this name not only because we create cool tours but mostly because it sounds like the word culture, not only in English but also in other languages like German (Kultur) and Spanish (cultura). We believe tourism is empty if it’s not deeply linked to actually knowing the true culture of the country you visit. So volunteer, travel, or do both, but always learn about the locals and their traditions. In these 3 years we have grown, we have exposed this idea to many getting back a lot of new ideas that have enriched Cooltour. We have done some traveling ourselves, and we know what it feels like to be a foreigner wanting to learn and explore. After a lot of effort we get to launch this web site that becomes the first bridge between us, the Cooltour team, and you, THE PERSON THAT WILL A TRUE COSTA RICAN EXPERIENCE! See you soon!  

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