Why are we different?

We thought it would be a good idea to tell people why we are different than most travel agencies. Here’s why. Whether you choose to travel or volunteer with us, our main goal is to make you feel happy and confortable during your entire stay. We want you to feel as part of the Cooltour family. We want you to have fun and take back with you an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. The Cooltour team has thought about all the details that will make you feel at home, from the minute you walk out of the airport to the moment you -wishing you could stay a little longer- go back in it. Something foreigners can’t believe about Latin America is the way some people drive. Along with our concern for your safety, we guarantee our drivers know how to properly handle the steering wheel. If you choose to travel with our exclusive shuttle service (available only in Costa Rica), we guarantee all passengers will have airbags as well as a clean, comfortable, five-start crash rated vehicle. Ok! You arrived safely to your destination, what’s next? If you come as a tourist it’s time to start enjoying! You can customize your whole stay; choose where you want to go and what you want to do. The best part about it is that we do all the work of putting your trip together, we deal with the hotel staff, we do all the phone calls and we search for the best price possible. And no, we do not overcharge for this. Can you top that? Plus, you can choose to do all your commuting with us, so no more waiting for shared delayed shuttles. If you come as a volunteer, we will surprise you with beautiful locations for you to stay. No more sharing a room with 10 people (unless you specifically want to), no more over the top hard work you are not supposed to do. Oh yes, it is sad, but some volunteers are deceived over the internet, so when they get here what they find is a lot different than what they where expecting to find. In Cooltour we value and truly appreciate the work you donate. In exchange for that, we want you to have a good time, it’s not all about working, it’s also about learning and sharing quality time with the locals. Want to explore the nightlife? Take a break or a tour on weekends? We think you should. In Cooltour, you choose. Other thing that makes us different from other tourist/volunteer agencies is the fact we mostly support small and family owned businesses. If you decide to stay at a big chain hotel, no problem, we will take you there. But we do prefer to arrange a stay in a small nice hotel whose owners we personally know. All volunteers will stay at places like these or with a host family we carefully select. Our tours and programs have been designed so that you have a meaningful experience. Plus, we are flexible. We negotiate directly with our clients. We are fun Costa Ricans who speak English and a little German (me) and a little Portuguese (him) and hopefully French in the near future. We know about amazing places not many people know about because we are always willing to do that hike or drive in that direction. Again, we take you there. And if this is not cool enough for you, we also offer additional professional photographic service. You don’t even need to carry that heavy camera anymore, unless -like me- you don’t mind. In Cooltour we are passionate about meeting new people, learning about cultures and preserving nature. We can’t wait to share this with you!

Creating bridges

In early 2010 the idea of Cooltour was born. We wanted to create bridges going from the ones willing to volunteer to those in need of help. Costa Rica is a beautiful country and we are in love with it, that's why we want to share the Pura Vida experience with you. Cooltour. We chose this name not only because we create cool tours but mostly because it sounds like the word culture, not only in English but also in other languages like German (Kultur) and Spanish (cultura). We believe tourism is empty if it’s not deeply linked to actually knowing the true culture of the country you visit. So volunteer, travel, or do both, but always learn about the locals and their traditions. In these 3 years we have grown, we have exposed this idea to many getting back a lot of new ideas that have enriched Cooltour. We have done some traveling ourselves, and we know what it feels like to be a foreigner wanting to learn and explore. After a lot of effort we get to launch this web site that becomes the first bridge between us, the Cooltour team, and you, THE PERSON THAT WILL A TRUE COSTA RICAN EXPERIENCE! See you soon!