Costa Rica represents only the 0.03% of the Earth's surface (that is about the size of West Virginia (USA) or Slovakia) but it holds almost 5% of the planet biodiversity. Thanks to its geographic location (Neotropics) and particular characteristics: a long mountain range, microclimates, two coasts and the commitment for nature conservancy by the government and envinronmental organizations, Costa Rica is a top destination either for scientific or recreational purpose.
Ranking #1 as the country with the highest amount of protected land, close to 26% of Costa Rica's territory is dedicated to protection and conservation of Flora and Fauna in National Parks, Biological Reserves, Wildlife Refuges, Marine Reserves, Biosphere Reserves and other protected areas. Costa Rica's nature in numbers:
  • Birds species: + 900
  • Mammalian species: 205
  • Reptilian species: 220
  • Amphibian species: 160
  • Insect species: + 34,000
  • Plant species: + 9,000
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